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Tell us about your cutting experience:

How long have you been cutting? This is my second year of cutting. I started showing last cutting season of 2017 in the UCHA shows.

What initially interested you in the sport? Well, I think the same with the rest of us… The horses! Horses are amazing animals and true athletes.

Which horse gave you your first cutting horse ride? I purchased a cutting horse in the summer of 2016 from Tim Denton when I went for a week vacation in Weathford, Tx. I got my first ride when I brought her back to Utah and started practicing as much as I could at the Denton farm with the Denton boys (Luke & Kip).

Have horses always been a part of your life? No, I was raised in a construction family, so big machines were mostly part of my life. I got my first horse from my brother who was going to take him to the "meat wagon" because he was too old. I felt he had some more life in him so I took him and road him for few more years.

Favorite Cutting Horse Show: Oh, gosh….This whole 2018 cutting season has been my favorite. It’s hard to pin point just one. We have had a blast at each one this year.

Most memorable winning run: I would have to go with my 74 in Livingston. It’s pretty sweet when the judge announces a new personal high score for the first time. That one felt pretty good! Still waiting for that 75.

Tell us about your cutting horse / horses:
   Nickname: Rocky, You got me Rockin
   Horse’s Age:13
   Sire: Smart Lil Ricochet
   Dam: Bit of Starlight
   NCHA Earnings: 17,764.71

Who bred and raised your horse: Breeder was Art & Sandy Haskins Foaled in California. We purchased him from Ben Royal who had him for the last few years in training.

Special story or quirk that is unique to your horse:
Rocky is just a real calm cool, dude. Not much bothers him, which generates back into the rider. I guess a good story would be when we purchased him. I had to buy him sight unseen. Luke Denton, my trainer, had told me "You better not! GO out and ride him first.” When I talked to him about getting him. Well, we were actually second in line to buy. I thought we wouldn’t end up with him anyway. Well long story short, we got a phone call a day before Kelsie’s Birthday saying, “He's yours if you want him. We need a Yes or No. If not will move to the next.” Of course I said “YES!! We want him.” We got the deal done and I told Luke he was coming home to Utah. After a few rides we saw his true talent. Luke told us “You got lucky!! Don't do it again!!” We ended up with a great horse and couldn’t be happier.

Biggest win: All wins are big wins in my book.

What does it mean to you to be the 2018 MCHA Class Champion / Special Award Recipient? Actually, it means a lot. It's the first award I have received in cutting, so it will always hold special memory for me. Thanks again MCHA!

2019 Goals in the cutting pen? My 2019 goal will be to try and make it to Fortworth, TX in the 15k. Wish me luck.

Who or what inspires you? I really just inspire to be a better man each and every new day.

Favorite Quote: Anyone who knows me, knows it’s got to be a Lonesome Dove Quote… "If you want any one thing too badly, it’s likely to turn out to be a disappointment. The only healthy way to live life is to learn to like all the little everyday things – like a sip of good whiskey in the evening, a soft bed, a glass of buttermilk, or a feisty gentleman like myself.” -Gus

Hobbies / Interests outside of the cutting pen?
Cutting and riding horses has pretty much been my hobby and interest for the past several years. Is there much time for anything else? lol

Anything else you would like to add: Any special thanks?
Huge thanks again to MCHA board for the award. It really means a lot! The Denton Boy's, Luke and Kip for letting me tag around them at the barn, asking rookie questions and mistakes until they took me serious enough to give me lessons and show. Last but not least…My ride or die and all-around best loper, Kelsie joe Savage. Thanks for all the support. Love ya babe.

JB Cox 


As we grow nearer to the end of the show year lets take a look back at last years MCHA Class Champions!
   Not pictured: Open Derby Champion Play Like a Kitten Ron Wheeler/Mike Giannini; Open Classic Champion Hoo Doo Hughes Amanda Smith/Dustin Gonnet; $35 Non Pro Champion Danielle Lozzi Dee Jay Cougar; $5 Novice Horse Champion RW Contessa Ron Wheeler/Mike Giannini

NCHA Area 4 Class Champions.
Each year the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) recognizes and provides awards to the highest money earner of each NCHA class by NCHA Area. NCHA Area 4 consists of Montana and Wyoming. MCHA would like to congratulate the 2017 NCHA Area 4 Class Champions!  

Not pictured: $35 Non Pro Champion Joani Mink   


Congratulations 2017 MCHA
Rerun Cattle Class Shootout Contestants!!!

Champion - Westin Sampson -
Call Me Peptolena - 76 - $1,600 Payout

Reserve Champion - Rita Church -
CD Royal Desire - 74 - $400 Payout

3rd - Sarah Bauer - Smooth As A Hawk - 73
4th - Jerry Rankin - Cornrey Twitty - 72
5th - Lori Crowell - PRF Zacks Passion - 71
6th - Alison Anderson - Reys War Badger - 60

2017 MCHA Year-End Highlights

Thank you Millers Horse Palace for hosting our year-end show and awards banquet!!!

Thank you Kicking S Video for capturing all on tape!!!





Congratulations - 2017 MCHA YOUTH ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Presley Anderson

Tell Us about your cutting experience:

How long have you been cutting?
The 2017 ICHA Spring Show in Nampa, ID, was my first show!

What initially interested you in the sport?
My Dad (Brian Anderson) who has been involved in the cutting horse industry training horses and NP / AM riders for the past 15+ years, accumulating lifetime earnings of $961,514.

Which horse gave you your first cutting horse ride?
My current horse, Molly Bo Lena.

Have horses always been a part of your life?
Yes, I have watched my Dad from the sidelines my entire life. Getting to show this year was amazing!!

Favorite Cutting Horse Show:
Big Piney, WY and Farmington, UT

Most memorable winning run:
This year at the Big Piney, WY, show I really had to step up and show my horse to win the $2 LR class as there weren’t enough Youth riders for a Youth class!!

Tell us about your cutting horse / horses:


Horse’s Age:
19 years old

Bobby Bo Badger

out of a Smart Lil Lena Mare

NCHA Earnings:

Who bred / raised your horse:
Frank Merrill

Special story or quirk that is unique to your horse:
Molly loves carrots and she occasionally bucks when she’s feeling fresh first working a cow!!

2018 Goals in the cutting pen?
I want to be the 2018 Jr Youth Class Champion!!

Who or what inspires you?
My Dad.

Hobbies / Interests outside of the cutting pen?

Anything else you would like to add:

Any special thanks?
Thanks to my Dad for all that he does to help me get to show. Thanks to Sharon Waggoner, for blessing me with this very special horse!!

Congratulations - 2017 MCHA ADULT ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Crystal White

Tell Us about your cutting experience:

How long have you been cutting?
This is my 2nd year cutting and my 1st year showing MCHA

What initially interested you in the sport?
Always looked at cutting and had a lot of respect for cutters. I have competed in many other equine sports, however I love the challenge of cutting because there is a lot of aspects that go into it and you have to adjust to everything once you get into the show pen. Every accomplishment starts with a decision and my decision to try cutting was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

Which horse gave you your first cutting horse ride?
Rey Cardo- son of Dual Rey

Have horses always been a part of your life?
Yes, I have been around horses my whole life and grew up showing. I used to show in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas

Favorite Cutting Horse Show:
I would say in Big Piney Wyoming when I won my first MCHA buckle. I had so much support from wonderful people cheering me on and this was very memorable for me. It was big for me as I had been in kind of a slump after my trainer got injured and I was having a hard time getting back on track. A big thank you to Tim Stryker for helping me during this show. There may have been some dancing, roping, and someone riding a floor cleaner after dinner as well at this show. : )

Most memorable winning run:
At the Heart K in Livingston this year. Catty La Belle and I won the 15,000 AM class and we had an amazing run. I remember I walked out with a big smile on my face and I didn’t even know that my mare could cut like that. It just felt like the blood, sweat, and tears were finally paying off.

Tell us about your cutting horse / horses:
I have my Catty La Belle mare and my Gunolena Cross mare that I showed this whole year at each MCHA show. It was challenging showing two horses at each show, but I figured if you are there showing, you might as well challenge yourself. The more you get in the show pen, the more you will learn. I showed last winter in Thermopolis which helped me a lot and I showed in the Treasure State Cutting Club series as well. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to get out there and do what I love.

Catty La Belle

Horse’s Age:
12 years old 

High Brow Cat 

Docs Sugs Royal Miss 

NCHA Earnings:
$5,929.90 as of 2017 

Special story or quirk that is unique to your horse:
Catty La Belle was my first “cutting” horse. Her and I have worked through a lot and she challenged me as I went. There was defiantly some ups and downs but she always gave me her all and will always be one of my favorite mares I have owned. 

Biggest win:
First MCHA show this year in Laurel at Miller’s Horse Palace. I remember I didn’t think I was ready to show MCHA and my trainer Jonah Dienes said I should just get out there. I showed in the 15,000 AM class and I won the class with a 72 point run and I ended up winning the circuit award for the weekend. 

What does it mean to you to be the 2017 MCHA Class Champion / Special Award Recipient?
I was completely humbled to be the adult MCHA Rookie of the Year. It is such an honor and words cannot describe how much I appreciate it and everyone’s support.  

2018 Goals in the cutting pen?
Clean runs, staying consistent, and continue marking better scores 

Who or what inspires you?
The good Lord inspires me the most. I believe we learn from failure, not from success and only God can turn your obstacles into opportunities, your opportunities into results, and your failures into achievements. Another would be people with good attitudes who encourage one another. I was so thankful for all of my corner guys, turn back guys, and just kind hearted people who helped me at each show. 

Favorite Quote:
“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” Cutting is very challenging and humbling, but one of the most rewarding/ satisfying equine sports. 

Hobbies / Interests outside of the cutting pen?
Hunting, fishing, I compete in shooting trap league and I cowboy action shoot 

Anything else you would like to add:

Any special thanks?
I just want to thank everyone at the MCHA, the secretaries, the one’s bringing cattle in and out, your corner/ turn back guys, and everyone in between for their hard work to make each show successful. Everyone became a family to me and were so helpful and supportive and I really appreciate each and every one of you. A big thank you to my trainer Jonah Dienes, owner of Dienes Cutting Horse Company. I have the upmost respect for him and appreciate his passion for cutting and his hard work he put in with my horses. He spent a lot of time helping me work to my potential and I continue to learn from him.

 Congratulations - 2016 – NCHA AREA 4 Class Champions
Each year the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA)
recognizes and provides awards to the highest money earner
of each NCHA class by NCHA Area. NCHA Area 4
consists of Montana and Wyoming. MCHA would like to
congratulate the
2016 NCHA Area 4 Class Champions!!


Congratulations - 2016 MCHA JUNIOR ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Faith Showalter

Tell Us about your cutting experience:

How long have you been cutting?
This is my second year

What initially interested you in the sport?
I have been around cutting my whole life so I wanted to cut.

Which horse gave you your first cutting horse ride?
I first rode a practice horse named Jennifer's Oak

Have horses always been a part of your life?
Since I was born

Favorite Cutting Horse Show:
Big Sky Aged Event

Most memorable winning run:
Winning the bridleless on my horse Smart Solita!

Tell us about your cutting horse / horses:


Horse’s Age:

Smart Aristotcrat

Docs Solita

NCHA Earnings:
About $14,000

Who bred and raised your horse:
Randy Holman trained and showed her at the NCHA futurity for the Sabeys. The Holmans have had her since a 3 year old.

Special story or quirk that is unique to your horse:
She teaches me how to cut!

What does it mean to you to receive the 2016 MCHA Youth Rookie of The Year?
It is very special because it is a lot of hard work to learn to cut and it makes me feel like my horse and I did a good job!

Congratulations - 2016 MCHA SENIOR ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Margarita Church

Margarita, or as friends may know her Rita, shared a few thoughts with MCHA on her cutting experience:

 I have been cutting off and on for three years. I have grown up with horses ,they have always been a part of my life. As a young girl I rode English and did a considerable amount of jumping, worked every summer I could at Del Mar Racetrack and ponied the horses out to the track for morning workouts. Both my mother and grandmother were horsewomen who rode saddleseat.

 For as long as I can remember I had always wanted to give cutting a try but the opportunity didn't arise and back in my college days I would never been able to afford it.  When my youngest daughter was a senior in high school I finally decided to pursue cutting. That is when CD Royal Desire aka " Goose" came into the picture. He is an 8 year old gelding by CD Royal out of Filled With Desire (Playgun) He gave me my first ride in the pen and he has been the only horse I've ever shown in cutting. He has $21,027.00 NCHA earning was bred by Lazy H Ranch of Thorp Inc.of Weatherford,Tx and was trained by Will Nutall.

 The first year we bounced around from a couple different trainers. Then in January of

2014 we landed in Absarokee with Travis Young and have been there ever since. We started showing that year at the local reined cow horse shows in the rancher herd work classes. In August Goose had a serious hind leg suspensory issue which took him just over a full year to recover from. I showed him in one more reined cow horse shows herd work class last fall and than my first NCHA show I went to was Farmington Utah in October of 2015. From that show on we have predominately showed in NCHA shows.

 I would like to thank Travis for all his hard work and advise and really just putting up with me. If and when he ever gets grey hair I know I will have contributed to a lot of them. I am also very thankful for my horse being so tolerable of me especially when I get in the way of him just trying to do his job.

 My inspiration is to keep improving in showing my horse and consistently marking better scores. Receiving the 2016 Rookie of the Year award is quite an honor, as I am a competitive rider but with myself. Cutting is a very frustrating sport to compete in but is rewarding at the same time.

 Favorite quote: "No hour of life is ever wasted that is spent in the saddle".... Winston Churchill


Congratulations to 2016 MCHA Open Horse of the Year Light Up At Noon
Ridden by: Will Nuttall - Owned by: James & Joyce Brown

Tell us about your cutting horse:
Nickname: Nooner
Horse’s Age: 8 Yrs
Sire: One Time Pepto
Dam: Dual N At Noon
NCHA Earnings: $10,800. All but about $500 this year.
Breeder: Roger Wagner bred the horse and we purchased Light Up At Noon from the Marvine Ranch at the NCHA 2yr Futurity sale

Biggest win:
2016 MCHA Open Horse of the year. Nooner was also the 2016 Big Sky Aged Event – Pro Am / Non Pro Champion with Will Nuttall and Jim. And Jim was recently the 2016 Northwest Regional Series Shootout Champion aboard Nooner in the $5 Novice Horse Non Pro class.

How long have you been cutting?
On and off since the early 1970’s. Until this year showed only occasionally the last 20 plus years. (Jim Brown’s NCHA number is 202. That is a what card players would call a “tell”… can “tell” just about how long Jim Brown has been a member of the National Cutting Horse Association. Early. Try 1972. He has been an NCHA member every year since.)

What initially interested you in the sport?
Looked like it was fun and easy. Right about fun, wrong about easy. Although the challenge is what makes it so enjoyable. Still working to get it right.

Which horse gave you your first cutting horse ride?
A horse we purchased from Art Miller named Albert’s Jessie

Have horses always been a part of your life?

Favorite Cutting Horse Show:
Kalispell, Big Sky Aged Events show.

Most memorable winning run:
Winning the 10,000 NP with 51 entries.

What does it mean to you to receive the 2016 MCHA Open Horse of the Year?
It came as a complete surprise. We are very excited to have received this award. It is something we can look back on proudly for many years to come.

2017 Goals in the cutting pen?
Win the 25,000 N/NP and 25,000 novice classes. Would like to compete in the aged event classes if we can find the right horse.

Who or what inspires you?
My wife Joyce has always encouraged me and the desire to continuously improve.

Any special thanks?
To Will Nuttall for all the help he gave me throughout the 2016 cutting year and the outstanding job he did with Light Up At Noon.

Congratulations to 2016 MCHA NP / Amateur Horse of the Year & NP Amateur Highest Money Earner
Sherie Goppert - Keele and Merada Jo!!!

Also, a HUGE Congratulations to MERADA JO & Sheri Goppert Keele on their
13th Place - World Finals finish in the $5,000 Novice Horse Non Pro!!!


How long have you been cutting?
-Started in 2010 with a good friend Kim Asay. Though didn't really start competing NCHA till 2014 and after riding a year with Tim Stryker. I'm thankful for the start Tim Stryker and Rachel have given me!

What initially interested you in the sport?
-Changes in my life and I needed something different to challenge me with horses.

Which horse gave you your first cutting horse ride?
-A friend of mine let me ride a few turns on his retired cutter. It was a rush almost comparable to jumping cross country.

Have horses always been a part of your life?
-After breaking a leg on a horse when I was 6 it wasn't till I was 13 that I talked Mom and Dad into letting me ride again. I've been blessed to have always had a horse since.

Favorite Cutting Horse Show:
-South Point

Most memorable winning run:
-To date.. A 74 in the 2000 LR on my gelding... Booming to the Jazz.. Bred by Bart Heiken. I worked so hard for years to have that ride on that horse. It was Awsome to finally make it.

Tell us about your cutting horse / horses:
Nickname: "Jo"
Horse’s Age: Merada Jo
Sire: Cat's Merada
Dam: Sanjo Sue
NCHA Earnings: 81,347.54
Who bred and raised your horse: Pete and Sally Lowry

Special story or quirk that is unique to your horse:
I Loved Jo ever since I saw Jann Parker and Jo's winning ride at Western Nationals 2014. It was impressive how easy they made it look on some tuff cows. When I found out he was for sale I could hardly wait to see if Jo and I would get along. After my first ride I was hooked... for Jo truly is an Awesome horse and makes me want to be a better rider every day. Every day I'm able to throw a leg over him I'm very blessed... if it is to cut a cow or ride down the trail. Thank You Jann for giving me the opportunity of owning such an Awesome horse!

Biggest win:
-To date.. It would have to be Western Nationals 2014 15 Am Finals in Reno on my mare at the time... Smoothe Scootin Cat.

Highest Money Earner awards?
-It's been a wonderful year... with abit of hard change. Jo has been a dream come true. I hope everyone loves and enjoys the horse they have... for this is what it's about. Enjoying what you do with your partner and good people. MCHA members really are good people that I admire and am happy to be able to spend time with. Jo being voted Horse of the Year was such an Honor!!! For it came from people I think the world of and there were so many Great horses up for it. Thank You So Much!!!

2017 Goals in the cutting pen?
-Enjoy every Blessed day I can spend in the cutting pen and with the friends I've made there.

Who or what inspires you?
-God.. for I aspire to be the best I can. My friends.. for they all are so incredible. People to truly aspire to be like. And my horses.. for I aspire to be a better rider with them.

Favorite Quote:
-The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place an' no matter how tough you think you are, it'll always beat you if you let it. It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done! --Rocky Balboa

Hobbies / Interests outside of the cutting pen?
-I still jump and ride dressage.

Anything else you would like to add:
-Will Nuttall and his Team has been great this year with their support.. encouragement to go for my dreams.. care of Jo and Jr.. and the Great way of working with my horses and me. I can't Thank them enough for all they've done!!! Horses are easy to work with... Amateurs are abit more difficult.


Congratulations - 2015 – NCHA AREA 4 Class Champions

Each year the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) recognizes and provides awards to the highest money earner of each NCHA class by NCHA Area.  NCHA Area 4 consists of Montana and Wyoming.  MCHA would like to congratulate the 2015 NCHA Area 4 Class Champions!

Sues So Smart
Bambi L. & Tim Gress, Ennis, MT
Sues So Smart
Bambi L. & Tim Gress, Ennis, MT

$50,000 Amateur
Cody Lee, Hamilton, MT

$15,000 Amateur
Mr Snorty
Kelly Zelikovitz, Teton Village, WY

$15,000 Novice
Spoonful of Finesse
Randy Kinsey, Wilson, WY

$15,000 Novice Non-Pro
Spoonful High Brow
Rachel Showalter, Roundup, MT

$35,000 Non-Pro
Instant Little Queen
Donald Weeding, Jordan, MT

$2,000 Limit Rider
Jerrys Smokin Too
Sarah M. Bauer, Helena, MT

Youth – Junior
Taytin Young, Absarokee, MT

Youth – Senior
Jonathon Lipps, Casper, WY

$5,000 Novice
Grant & Jane Goliher, Moran, WY

$5,000 Novice Non-Pro
Pretty Rose Marie
Kelly Zelikovitz, Teton Village, WY

Congratulations ~ Lindsey Lee & Kip Denton ~ 7/23/2016
May your married life be fulfilled with laughter
And you love and cherish each other forever after!!

Lindsey and Kip are registered at Target

2015 Class Champion: $15,000 Novice Horse

Rider: Brian Anderson
Owner: Randy Kinsey
Horse: Spoonful of Finesse
NCHA Earnings : $10,621
Age / Sex: : 7 year old Mare
Sire: Hes a Peptospoonful
Dam: Cat Clementine
Breeder of the horse: David Mc David
Favorite Show: Heart K - Livingston, Mt

Slinky is a sweetheart of a horse. She wasn’t shown until she was 5, all her earnings are from weekend shows. Really squats down on cattle with a huge stop, awesome style. Trained by Brian Anderson of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

2015 Class Champion: $35,000 Non-Pro

Rider: Donald Weeding
Horse: Instant Little Queen
Horses Age: 9
Sire: Smart Instant Choice
Dam: Quiotes Little Queen
NCHA Earnings: $9682.09

Who bred and raised your horse: Allen Munger and Vonnie Westland of the Borderview Ranch at Brockway, Montana. I got her as a yearling.

Share a special story or quirk that is unique to your horse: Her Dam had never been broke and was purchased at an Estate Sale at Billings Livestock Commission Horse Sales. Sire was a son of S&R Instant Choice that was also purchased at BLS. He was a ranch horse and never trained for cutting.

Favorite Show: Laurel, MT and Livingston, MT

How long have you been cutting? 14 years

Which horse gave you your first cutting horse ride? Six Pack

Who or what inspires you? My wife, Betty Lou

Anything else you would like to add? I never tire of watching good cutting horses. I can sit through a whole show from the first run in the morning to the last one in the show. Also love watching the Futurity which is now on the internet. Cutting has given me a whole new world and many new friends. I hope to compete until I cannot ride anymore.

2015 Class Champion: $15,000 NOVICE/NON PRO

Rider: Rachel Showalter - BIllings, MT
Horse: spoonful Highbrow "Parker"
Horse’s Age: 8
Sire: Spoonful
Dam: High Brow Missy
NCHA Earnings: $16,000

Who bred and raised your horse: Tim Stryker had him from a yearling and did a fabulous job with him.

Special story or quirk that is unique to your horse: First thing I ever said to Tim Stryker was "I LOVE that horse!!"

Biggest win: It varies but being 2nd in the Northwest Regional Series was cool!

Favorite Cutting Horse Show: Big Sky Aged Event

How long have you been cutting? 6 years

What initially interested you in the sport? I did reined cowhorse and wanted to skip the rein part!!

Which horse gave you your first cutting horse ride? I tried a nice gelding that the Cowans owned, at Tim Smith's and was hooked.

Have horses always been a part of your life? Yes since I was a kid.

2016 Goals in the cutting pen? Derby my 4 year old and see my daughter Faith be as successful as she can.

Who or what inspires you? Tim Stryker inspires me to behave and ride better. God and my family inspire me to live better, our clients/horses Inspire me to do a better job.

Favorite Quote: "slow yourself down" --Tim Stryker

Hobbies / Interests outside of the cutting pen? Packing back into the wilderness/back country areas of the mountains.

Anything else you would like to add: It has been an honor to own and show Parker these last few years, good luck to his new owner Steve!

2015 Class Champion: $2,000 LIMITED RIDER

Rider: Ashley Lively – Buhl, ID
Horse: Catahoula – 2007 Gelding
Sire: WR This Cats Smart
Dam: is by Color Me Smart and out of a Starlight Mare
NCHA Earnings: $7,287.20

Who trained your horse: Catahoula has been in training with Scott Martin since he was started.

Special story or quirk that is unique to your horse: He has double papers Quarter Horse and Paint

Favorite Cutting Horse Show: Henry Lake, ID
Hobbies / Interests outside of the cutting pen? My studies at the College of Southern Idaho and work as a colt starter at Scott Martin Cutting Horses

Millers Horse Palace NWAB Winner Faith Showalter

Click to read story

2015 Class Champion: Open / NonPro / Open Horse of the Year

Horse: Sues So Smart
Rider: Bambi Gress and Brian Anderson
Horse’s Age: 10
Sire: WR This Cats Smart
Dam: Meradas Little Sue
NCHA Earnings: $102,712.77

Breeder of the horse: Frank Vandersloot – Riverbend Ranch

Special story or quirk that is unique to your horse: Loves, loves, loves her job!

Biggest Win: Mercuria NCHA World Series – Reserve Champion Idaho Horse Park - $8,300

Favorite Show: Calgary Stampede & Las Vegas

How long have you been cutting? 16 years

Which horse gave you your first cutting horse ride? Stylish Lil Jubee

Who or what inspires you? So many… my friends and trainers, I always try to surround myself with positive people!

Favorite Quote: Teamwork makes the dream work”

Closing Thoughts: I’m very blessed and grateful! We were luck to flush two embryos this busy season!

2015 Class Champion: $50,000 AM

Owner / Rider: Cody Lee
Horse: Bluish
Horse Earnings: $17,401.92
Horse Age: He is turning 9 years old this year.
Sire: Mecom Blue
Dam: Badge to the Bone
Breeder of the horse: BAR Nothing Ranches of Avondale Colorado. Leah Hanson had the horse since he was under a year old, she raised Bluish.

Unique Special Story: One day while sitting on the fence after working horses on the flag on a hot summer afternoon, everyone decided to open a cold one. As soon as the can was cracked open, Bluish started begging like a dog and he eventually grabbed a can from my sister and bit through it and tried to drink from the can. It was at that moment we learned of Bluish and his love for beer.

Biggest Win: On Bluish our biggest win is Reserve champion for Western Nationals in the 5,000 novice non pro. My best run that Bluish and I have had was the last day at the Moses Lake cutting. He has never felt better than he did that day.

Favorite Show: My favorite show in Montana would be the Heart K shows. The facility is second to none.

Cutting History: I started cutting when I was 14 years old and now I am 32 so I have been cutting off and on for 18 years which is hard to believe.

First Cutting Horse Ride: I learned how to cut on one of the slowest turnback horses that the industry has ever seen. However he was very well trained and taught me the fundamentals of the sport so the transition to a quick horse was not as difficult as one might expect.

What Inspires Me: I get inspired by the horses themselves. They work so hard and love doing it and the integrity with which they work just amazes me.

Favorite Quote: "Show me a guy who is afraid to look bad, and I will show you a guy you can beat every time." Lou Brock

Closing Thoughts: The family oriented nature of this sport is truly unique and should never be taken for granted...

MCHA Recognizes 2015 Champions

Montana Cutting Horse Association held their year-end wrap up show September 18-19 at Miller's HorsePalace, Billings, MT. The final weekend show of the season for Montana welcomed 204 entries over the two days and featured $500 added Opens and NonPros.

Congratulations to the Year-End Champions for 2015:
OPEN - Sues So Smart owned by Bambi Gress, Ennis, MT shown by Brian Anderson, Idaho Falls, ID
NON-PRO - Sues So Smart, owned and shown by Bambi Gress, Ennis, MT
$50 AMATEUR - Bluish, Owned and shown by Cody Lee, Hamilton, MT
$15,000 NOVICE HORSE - Spoonful of Finesse, owned by Randy Kinsey, shown by Brian Anderson.
$15,000 NOVICE/NON PRO - Spoonful of Highbrow, owned and shown by Rachel Showalter, BIllings, MT
DERBY Open - Zees Smooth Cat, owned by Ellen Carter, shown by Brian Anderson.
NON-PRO Derby - Stylin Short Catt, owned and ridden by Kathy Foote.
$5,000 NOVICE HORSE - Shalikos Pacohontas, owned by Keith & Jeanne Mcginnis, shown by Tim Johnson.
$5,000 NOVICE/NONPRO - Shalikos Pacohontas, owned and shown by Jeanne Mcginnis
$15,000 AMATEUR - Pain In My Acre, owned & shown by Ehrin Dawson.
$35,000 NONPRO - Instant Little Queen, owned & shown by Donald Weeding.
$2,000 LIMITED RIDER - Catahoula, owned & shown by Ashley Lively.
JUNIOR YOUTH - McCoy Banner riding Lilbit Smartnflashy, owned by Bill & Betty Wimmer.
SENIOR YOUTH - Ouana Harkins riding Little Fantasy Pep, owned by Jeff & Tara Bilharz.

Special awards include - Kim Asay Most Inspirational Award - This award goes to someone thought to be a fierce competitor, showing great sportsmanship both in and out of the arena, while continuing to place a high value on family, friends and faith. 2015 recipient Brian Anderson, Idaho Falls, ID.

The Kim Asay Most Inspirational Award winner
Brian Anderson (center) with
Sherie Goppert-Keele (left) and (Bambi Gress) (right).

Sr. Youth Rookie of the Year, Ouana Harkins
with MCHA Vice Pres. Kathy Foote.

Jr. Youth Rookie of the Year, Gage Banner
with MCHA Vice Pres. Kathy Foote.

The 2015 Non Pro/Amateur Horse of Year winner
Instant Little Queen, owned and ridden by
Donald Weeding from Jordan, MT.

The 2015 Non Pro of the Year winner
Rachel Showalter (right) with Vice Pres. Kathy Foote.

Photos from Miller's Horse Palace Spring Spectacular now available from Laurie Errington, Scootemnshootem Photography, 801-791-9050.
Click here:

Miller’s Horse Palace Spring Spectacular awarded circuit awards for the two day show and what a selection of awards. Congratulations to the circuit winners of the Spring Spetacular!

  • Open- Sues So Smart, rider Brian Anderson, owner Bambi and Cats Smart Richochet, rider Mike Giannini, owner Ron Wheeler
  • Non Pro – Sues So Smart, rider Bambi Gress
  • 50 Am – Bluish, rider Cody Lee
  • 15 Nov Horse - Shes Two Busy, rider Mike Hoffman, owner Kevin Krieg
  • 15 Nov. Non Pro – Merado Jo, rider Jann Parker
  • Derby Open - RW Contessa rider Mike Giannin, owner Ron Wheeler
  • Derby Non Pro - Neat Sweet Finish, rider Suzanne Nellen
  • 35 Non Pro – Studio Play Me, rider Bart Heiken
  • 15 Am – Reverse Sevens, rider Nancy LaCounte
  • 5 Nov Horse – Paralyzer, rider Jonah Deines owner Grant and Jane Golliher
  • 5 Nov Non Pro – Peptos Pocket Pistol, rider Joani Mink
  • 2000 LR – Booming to the Jazz, rider Sherie Goppert-Keele
  • 1500 Nov Horse – Spoonsula Sweetness, rider Jamis Johnson, owner Chalyse Edgar-Debenedetti

Congratulations to the 2014 Never Won A Buckle Class Winners:

Nancy Wells

Meadow Vue Ranch Cutting

Tanya Dvarishkis

Lepley Creek Ranch Cutting

Andrew Seleg

Briggs Ranch Cutting


Congratulations to the 2013 Never Won A Buckle Class Winners:

Meadow Vue Ranch Cutting NWAB Class Winner
John Smith
Click here to read more

Heart K Land & Cattle Cutting NWAB Class Winner
Lynn Bervy

Click here to read more

Lepley Creek Ranch Cutting
NWAB Class Winner
Erin Broadwater
Click here to read more

Briggs Ranch Cutting
NWAB Winner

Nancy LaCounte
Click here to read more

Saddle Peak Arena Spring Cutting NWAB Winner
Kevin Chesler
Click here to read more


MCHA sends Congratulations to -
Helen Larsen, Powell, WY and her horse High Brow Tuesday ridden by Tom Campbell for placing 14th in the 2013 NCHA World Finals $10,000 Novice Horse Division. Tom worked hard showing this horse all summer long and hauled many miles to qualify to show in Fort Worth in the top 15. While competing in the World Finals each rider had 2 runs to show their horse in the Will Rogers Complex, Watt Arena, showing to 5 judges, with the high and low scores taken out. On Wednesday, Dec. 4, Tom and High Brow Tuesday landed 12th in the draw and entered the arena with high hopes, scoring a 211.5 in their first run. They came back for their second run on Thursday, Dec. 5, and showed 6th in the class, finishing the year with a score of 214.5. When all the dust settled that put them in 14th place for the year and what a great year it has been. High Brow Tuesdays earning totaled $14,749. CONGRATULATIONS to Helen Larsen and Tom Campbell! As a side note, Tom will be stepping up to be President of the MCHA in 2014.

Also Congratulations to -
Kathy Foote and Times Sneakin Up Onu, aka “Lola”! This team from Livingston, MT started hauling early in the year showing in the $5,000 Novice/Non Pro Division. With a good start with shows in Arizona then back to Montana, and a few other states in between, Kathy and Lola also qualified to show in the 2013 NCHA World Finals. For their first run in the Watt Arena on Dec. 4, the team came up first in the draw and walked out with a score of 183. They returned on Dec. 5, coming up 10th in the draw and leaving the arena with a score of 190. With everything all said and done, Kathy and Lola finished in 12th place in the World Standings and bringing home $9,869 for the year. We are sending out huge CONGRATULATIONS to this team, we are so proud to have you in our association and looking forward to watching you show next year.


Tim Johnson and Dulces Mighty Oak win “ReRun Cattle Win a Saddle:

New this year to the Montana Cutting Horse Association’s list of classes and awards was the “ReRun Cattle Win A Saddle” Championship which was awarded to the competitor who won the most money in the three “re-run cattle” classes: the $35,000 Non Pro, the $15,000 Amateur, and the $2,000 Limited rider.

Dr. Tim Johnson of Gallatin Gateway riding Dulces Mighty Oak took home the inaugural 2013 “ReRun Championship” with a combined year-end total of $2,891 earned in the $35 NP and $15 Am. Runner-up was Gayle Weber, Corvallis, MT with $2,248 and in third place, Travis Young of Absarokee with $1,451.

“My goal this year was to do the best that I could”, said Dr. Tim “I started out in the $50 Amateur at our first show in Idaho and also showed there in Las Vegas, but I decided that it was simplest to show where I was back to back – in the $35 NP and the $15 Am.”, he continued. “I rode the same horse all year, “Dulces Mighty Oak” a nine-year old gelding by Dulces Smart Lena that I purchased three years ago from Jeremy Barwick. The gelding already had a solid aged event career with Dean Dohmann, and he is a good horse, he’s like a puppy, but it took me two years to figure it out on him”, Tim said. “I kept my other horse until I felt confident with him, that I could make it work – most of the time, anyway”, he added.

Tim and his gelding also took home the MCHA’s $15,000 Amateur Championship this year, won fourth in the $35,000 Non Pro for the year-end, and – won the 2013 Wyoming Cutting Horse Association $35,000 Non-Pro Championship, as well! The team started their year off in style by qualifying for the $50,000 Amateur Finals at Western Nationals in Reno, NV this past May.
Tim’s favorite show this year was the Briggs Ranch Cutting in Whitehall, MT as he enjoyed showing outdoors with good weather – but – the Heart K Land and Cattle Show in Livingston follows as a close second.

This year Tim made a career change and during the week you can find him in Helena, MT. “I’ve settled into something I can do for a longer time, working for VA Montana, serving Montana’s veterans at the VA Hospital in Helena” Tim said. Tim’s wife, Sara, and chocolate lab, Dakota, accompany him to many of the shows.

And – the plan for the new saddle? Well, Dr. Tim has graciously donated it back to the MCHA’s “Live Auction” fundraiser held during the MCHA Banquet this coming April.
Thank you, Dr. Tim Johnson, and all the best in 2014.

MCHA 2012 “Most Inspirational” Award Recipient –
Richard Neustaedter

As the Montana Cutting Horse Association’s “Most Inspirational” award recipient for 2012, Richard Neustaedter was totally surprised, caught off guard, and honored.

When asked about the award, Richard explained “In 2012, I seemed to be in all the right places to help out and be able to step up to the plate at some of the shows and assist Tom (Campbell), Will (Nuttall), and Theresa (Nelson), too. Everyone has always been really super, but these three were always right there for me and I felt this was a good year to help them back. Without guys like Tom and Will, there would not be amateurs. It is really the truth.”

Richard summed it up with the statement that “Sometimes it is more fun to help people than it is to be helped”.

Up until 2006, Richard had shown out of Hailey, ID. In 2006, the Neustaedter’s sold their business in Stanley, ID and moved to North Fork, ID which is 15 miles from the Montana border. This move allowed Richard to cut more in Montana with the MCHA where he has been a regular at Montana Cutting Horse Association events ever since.

Richard reflected that he remembers trainer Kevin Coyner telling him that is takes about 15 years before you ever really get it figured out. Richard commented “I don’t know if it took that long, but it took ten years, anyway!”

Richard has had two horses in his cutting career. His first show horse was named “Stinger” who came from California. Trained by Don Ulmer, the gelding was a really nice, honest horse to start out with. He was a good,solid gelding that could get you going. Richard sold him and purchased Attractive Wipeout from Charlie Cord, Sun Valley, ID. A daughter of CD O’lena and out of a mare by Bob Acre Doc, “Wipeout” was originally trained and shown by Will Nuttall and won $13,000 or more as a three year old. Today, the mare’s earnings are over the $30,000 mark – with $10,000 put on her by Richard.

Richard plans to attend MCHA cuttings this summer and really enjoys the friends and people he has met in the cutting arena. Richard and his wife, Floris, live in North Fork, ID. Richard enjoy retirement when he doesn’t have to sit around – he helps out on his neighbor’s ranches with sorting, pairing, and branding – everything that goes along with a ranch.


Justin Warneke has shown cow horses for eight years and competed in the NRCHA. In 2012, with customer Joette Brown’s encouragement, Justin expanded on his cutting abilities and began showing in the Montana Cutting Horse Associatiion events.

Justin showed WSR Dulces Cattalena, a 2008 AQHA sorrel mare x Smart Little Dulces and out of a daughter of High Brow Cat. The mare is owned by Richard & Joette Brown and was originally bred by Western States Ranches.

Justin credits the MCHA events for strengthening his cow horse skills in the cutting department and also appreciates the opportunity to expand his business to those horses who may be more geared to the cutting pen versus the three dimensional cowhorse competitions..

Justin grew up in Lewistown, MT and now lives and trains in Great Falls, MT. He has a western variety of horses in training, including cowhorses, cutting horses, and rope horses. He and his wife, Cristal, and daughter Rayna, son Wyatt, and daughter Ashlyn, enjoy the western way of life.

With the growth of the Reined Cowhorse industry in Montana, Justin has found it easier to stay closer to home to gather earnings on his horses. He also competes in the major cowhorse events each year, including Reno and the NRCHA Derby in California, the Stallion Stakes in Las Vegas, the Hackamore Classic in Pueblo and the Idaho Reined Cowhorse Event in Nampa, ID.

With his full schedule, Justin trys to attend cuttings as much as he can and appreciates the skills he has learned.

His 2012 Montana Cutting Horse Association earnings were won in Dillon, Lewistown, and Kalispell.

Justin can be reached at Warneke Horse Training 406-217-5609.


Justa Dreamin -
Helen Larsen found her dreamhorse on In 2010, Helen had been looking for a stud horse for some time and had gone down to Fort Worth to the Futurity sales to look at horses. Nothing grabbed her attention. So – she searched for High Brow Cat on Dreamhorse…and bingo! He showed up. She visited with the agent and a trip to Texas to look at the horse was in order. Off to Weatherford and to Darren Simpkins place she went and the deal was on. Off to Wyoming High Brow Tuesday went. Helen thinks it was a big shock to his system – she got him in February – he left 70 degrees and came to his new home in Powell and a 0 degree reading on the thermometer.

High Brow Tuesday is a 2006 stallion by High Brow Cat and out of the famous dam Ruby Tuesday DNA. Making him a full brother to Buffalo Ranch’s Hydrive Cat.

Originally trained by Darren Simpkins and shown by then-owner Carol Dewrell in the Non-Pro Futurity, High Brow Tuesday has now amassed over $20,000 in earnings, including the MCHA Open/Novice Horse of the Year in 2012 and took home the title of MCHA $3,000 Novice Horse last year. He also won the title of Area 4 $3,000 Novice Champion.

Tom Campbell has had great success with this horse with paychecks cashed in Arizona, Canada, Washington, and Idaho. Helen credits Tom with the horse’s show success and this year’s goals include the Open and $10 Novice classes. Helen and her internet find look forward to a great 2013.

Western Nationals Congratulations
It’s in the books! To all the Montana Cutting Horse Association members who competed in Reno and qualified for their respective finals – congrats to Tim Johnson on Dulces Mighty Oak in the $50 Am; In the $10 Novice Will Nuttall aboard Aristo My Ash for Switchback Cutting Horses and Randy Holman riding Pretty Smart Cat for Sandy Sabey, both marked a 217.5 in the finals splitting 3-5 place; Susan Holman rocked ‘em in the $2000 Limited Rider where she scored a smoking 217.5 aboard Smart N Catty owned by Sandy Sabey and put her in third place with a $2,918 paycheck; In the $3000 Novice Horse class, Brian Anderson and Cat Seup earned $1,629 and an 8-10 split with Will Nuttall and Aristo My Ash collected $1,210 for their run. . In the $15 Amateur, Dr. Gerald Dorros made the finals aboard Tachitas Brigalena. In the Open, Will Nuttall showed Fletch My CD marking 216 earning $2,327 and splitting 4-5 place. Helen Larsen’s stallion, High Brow Tuesday shown by Tom Campbell won 9th place and $1,241. In the $15 Novice Non pro, Jann Parker aboard Smart N Promising earned Co-Championship honors with a 216.5 and a paycheck of $4,699. CONGRATULATIONS! Complete results can be found right here

Todd Banner – 2012 Kim Asay Memorial Award Winner

Criteria for winning this award is someone thought to be a fierce competitor, showing great sportsmanship and inspiration both in and out of the arena, while continuing to place a high value on family, friends and faith.

Todd Banner grew up on a small ranch in western Montana. He competed at a young age in 4-H and when he was in junior high, each spring the 4-H Council would bring clinician Tom Campbell to Hamilton. Tom conducted Monty Foreman clinics on balanced riding and each year the clinic was a highlight for horse enthusiasts in the area including Todd. Todd attended college for three years in Ranch Management as his major and attained his associates degree. He began working for horse trainers including Brad Gieby in Georgia and Jim Mapes in Colorado. “Working for Jim was great. He was a good boss. We got to cowboy a lot in addition to training cutting horses. He was such a generous guy – he would co-sign my cattle notes at the bank for me”, Todd said. “Jim is not just a horse trainer, he knows cattle and the cattle business, I learned a lot from Jim”, Todd added. Todd worked for Jim for four years. Then back to Montana and to work for Clay Christian in Anaconda at the Christian Cattle Co. where he had 22 two-year-olds to start. Clay ran 3,000 commercial cows in addition to registered cattle, Todd was able to show some cutters for Clay in addition to working on the cattle operation. The place sold and Todd went off on his own training horses. He leased the indoor arena in Anaconda for a bit then he got married and moved to Corvallis where he rented barn space from Bill Murphy at John Cantrell’s place and welcomed McCall and McKenzie. Eventually, Todd purchased his own land in Corvallis and built his arenas and house and trained full-time, produced cuttings, and conducted cutting clinics including international clinics. Todd married Kate Wimmer in 2003 and in 2005 they had McCoy. The first day of 2007 the family moved to their ranch in Cascade, MT.

Todd was quite surprised to learn he earned the honor of receiving the Kim Asay award for 2012. Todd attributes his faith in God and with Kate’s help, in keeping the balance between his chosen career and his family.

“Kim was quite a lady. It was a compliment to me that I would be compared to her. She raised her family so positively, her boys were competitive but it was obvious they had strong family ties and values. She stepped out and trained horses in a tough field, and I am certainly honored,” Todd concluded.

Lil Catbaloo owned by Gene and Michelle Morris, Florence, MT –

Lil Catbaloo, “Woody” - The stallion son of High Brow Cat was purchased as a yearling at the NCHA Futurity sale in 2010, and was bought on the recommendation of the Morris’ trainer, Mitch Davis. Mitch had trained his mother, Sweet Lil Boo, a mare by Sweet Lil Lena when he was training in Nevada. Mitch took him home to Montana and started him as a two year old. Quickly Mitch knew he had a very special horse. And – that the Morris’ needed to get him to an Open Division rider and trainer. In September of the stallion’s two year old year, Mitch called Lloyd Cox and asked if he would look at the stallion and give him his opinion. Mitch took the horse to the Pacific Coast Futurity, Lloyd tried the horse, and told Mitch to bring him back to him in March of his three year old year. Lloyd took over his training in March and the rest is recorded in history…the horse marked a 217.5 in the first go of the NCHA Futurity, came back in the 2nd go and repeated the 217.5 qualifying him for the famed NCHA Open Futurity Semi-Finals. He marked at 217 and that put him in the finals on Saturday night. He worked third in the first set and layed down a 221. That held for fourth place and $112,000 in the bank. On to the Abilene Spectacular where the duo made the finals and cashed a check for $5,000. Then to the Bonanza in Glen Rose, TX where they captured 6/7 place and pocketed another $11,836. . Over the weekend, at the Arbuckle Mountain Futurity in Ardmore, OK, Lil Catbaloo earned Reserve Championship honors in the Derby and another $17,500. The next stop: NCHA Superstakes, Fort Worth, TX in April. The Breeders Invitational is also on the agenda.

“He’s really laid back, loves people, is easy going, and is very smart on a cow”, Michelle says. In a matter of three months, the big time stallion has amassed just under $150,000. The Morris’ truly credit Mitch Davis for finding this incredible horse.

Congratulations Gene and Michelle Morris and Lil Catabaloo!!

Ridden by Lloyd Cox, Lil Catabaloo marked a 221 in the NCHA Futurity Finals to earn $112,031 and fourth place. Congrats! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

Also Congratulations to Robert Borick aboard Im Double Smart! Robert made the Non-Pro Finals, marked a 211 and split 11-12 and took home a paycheck of $33,173.

To those Montana Cutting Horse Association members who qualified in the NCHA’s Top 15! YOU ROCK!
Teri Paradis on Smartys Real Peppy
$15,000 Novice Non-Pro
Click here to read more!
Deb Weyer, Double D Creek Ranch
Riding Something Powerful
$35,000 Non-Pro
Click here to read more!
Gayle Weber and Simply Be Smart
$15,000 Amateur
Click here to read more!
Aislynn Chanel Hamann riding Docs Stylish Acre
$2,000 Limited Rider
Click here to read more!

See the final NCHA standings right here

Congratulations Michelle Van Dyke and Texas Brushpopper!

Michelle Van Dyke and Texas Brushpopper have had a great year at the aged events. Michelle kicked off her season with two solid runs at Big Sky Aged Event in Kalispell in August. Michelle missed the four year old finals by ˝ point. Michelle now knew she had a solid four year old show horse. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

Congratulations, Gayle Weber!
2011 Montana Cutting Horse Association $15 Amateur and $35 Non-Pro Champion

Gayle Weber from Corvallis, MT has had one outstanding year. She earned two Montana Cutting Horse Association year-end titles in addition to an NCHA Top 15 position in the $15 Amateur for 2011. I asked Gayle about her achievements, goals, and what drives her.

‘I started cutting in 2008. My very first cutting was the Never Sweat Ranch cutting in Hamilton. I called Ric Bellwood (her trainer), and said – I am scared. I am not going. He told me, that yes, I was going!”

“When I finally showed my horse that day, Robert Pilster (trainer from ID) was in the corner holding herd. He told me I had to breathe”. I can remember the first time I cut in the show pen like it was yesterday”, Gayle commented.

“My year really didn’t start off well. In the fall of 2010, I asked myself what are my goals? Where am I at?” I read Barbara Schulte’s book and I re-evaluated. My husband, Brien, has been so supportive. I had notes that I had kept on cutting, I really thought it out. It was time to get outside my box, get out of my comfort zone.”

“I made the decision to take my mare to Tom Campbell in Arizona for the winter. I couldn’t find a ride for her, so I took her myself. I had a great trip, all by myself! I listened to books on tape and had a wonderful time.”

“When you change trainers, you leaern more about yourself. I think I have learned more about myself in the last year than I have in a long time” Gayle added.

“I was fortunate to get to go do it.”

Gayle rides “SIMPLY BE SMART” a 2002 AQHA Bay mare x I’ll Be Smart and out of Quanahs Miss N Reno by Quanoah O Lena. . “I love my little mare. In the spring of 2009 Joy Smith brought her to Ogden, UT for me to try. She was barefoot and fat. She is so darn sweet, she is the sweetest horse I have ever been around. She is so social. She likes to watch other horses cut. She is such a joy. We have fun together.”

“2012 has already started for me. I showed in Queen Creek, AZ in January and I am going back the end of February. My goal is to ride in Fort Worth. I am going to work myself that way. Each ride is a new ride. Tom gives me ten minutes to get over my mistakes and then it is time to move on.”

“My goals are really to keep having fun. I love the sport and there are so many fantastic people out there and that’s what makes it worthwhile.”.

MCHA Kim Asay Memorial Award: Criteria for winning this award is someone thought to be a fierce competitor , showing great sportsmanship and inspiration both in and out of the arena, while continuing to place a high value on family, friends and faith.

2011 Award recipient, Donald Weeding, Jordan, MT.

  I had the opportunity to visit with Donald about being selected this very first year to receive the award given in memory of MCHA cutter, mother, friend, wife, and very special person - Kim Asay. We lost Kim this year to a horse accident, and the MCHA Board chose to honor her memory with the presentation of the “Kim Asay Memorial Award”.

  “It is quite an honor”, Donald stated, to have been selected for the award. “I highly respected Kim and her family “, he added.

  “Two years ago, at NCHA Days in Douglas, Kim was loping, preparing to show. She asked me ‘would you keep my buckle for me?’ I said, sure I would, and here it was a go-around buckle from the National Finals Rodeo that her son had won!” Kim told me that it was too heavy to wear while she showed and I was the “keeper”. “I know that’s the closest I will ever come to one of those!”

  “Kim gave up her non-pro card, she had to go to training horses, she was such a good horse person. I was very honored to receive the award.” Donald concluded.

  Donald Weeding began cutting about ten years ago. He said “I started on a do-it-yourself-deal, and it took a little while, but I figured that wasn’t the best way to go!”

  Todd Banner helped Donald kick start his career. He went to clinics and schools, and now trains with Tom Campbell.

  The horse Donald is currently showing INSTANT LITTLE QUEEN, is a mare that was bred and raised by Borderview Ranch Quarter Horses, Allen Munger and Bonnie Westland, Brockway, MT.

  Sired by their son of SR Instant Choice who is out of Smart Mililena x (Smart Little Lena and out of Millie Montana) and out of a Doc Quixote mare, Tom Campbell has trained her for the past year and a half.

  “Tom liked her and I am getting along well, too.” Donald added. “I look forward to having her for many years.”

  Getting along well? It’s better than that…I checked up on Donald and his mare and skimmed the results of the recent cutting in Queen Creek, AZ. Just this month, Donald marked a 73 to win the $35 NP on her – out of a field of 15 that day in his class.

  Donald told me that Bonnie Westland had thought the mare was her best prospect that particular year. Donald bought her as a yearling and liked the fact that she had grown up in big country.

  Donald and his wife, Betty Lou, live within 65 miles of Queen Creek, AZ in the winter months. Donald says “It’s just like home here.” Donald grew up in eastern Montana and learned to appreciate better horses.

  He credits his wife, Betty Lou, who has been so supportive of his cutting, for her contributions to his success.

  Donald concludes “If you are having a bad day, get on your horse and ride across the pasture – just you, your horse, and the Man upstairs. If you don’t come back much enlightened, you probably were not listening.”


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