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ICHA Futurity*
Aug. 27-Sep 4
Nampa, ID
*not MCHA approved.

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Congratulations to the Never Won A Buckle Class Winners:

Andrew Seleg

Briggs Ranch Cutting


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ICHA Futurity
Aug. 27-Sep 4
Nampa, ID
As a courtesy to our ICHA cutters, we will be posting confirmations, draws and results below.

Confirmations: Draws: Results:
Futurity NP 1st Go Thursday
5-6 NP 1st Go Thursday
Derby Amateur 1st Go Friday
Derby Amateur 1st Go Saturday
5-6 Amateur 1st Go
Derby NP 1st Go
5-6 Open 1st Go
Futurity Open
Derby Open
Mercuria NP
Mercuria Open
Derby Amateur Finals
NCHA 50 Am Saturday
NCHA NP Saturday
NCHA Open Saturday
Futurity NP Finals
Derby NP Finals
5-6 NP Finals
Derby Amateur 1st go
NCHA 50 Am Friday
NCHA NP Friday
NCHA Open Friday
Futurity Amateur 1st Go
5-6 NP 2nd Go
Derby NP 2nd Go
Derby NP 1st Go
Open Derby Finals
Open Futurity Finals
5-6 Open Finals
5-6 Open 2nd Go
Futurity 2nd Go
Derby Open 2nd Go
5-6 Open 1st Go
Futurity Open 1st go
Mercuria NP Finals
Mercuria Open Finals
Derby Open 1st Go
Mercuria NP 1st Go
Mercuria Open 1st Go
Futurity NP Finals
Derby NP Finals
Derby Amateur Finals
5-6 Amateur Finals
NCHA Open Saturday
Derby Amateur 1st go
5-6 NP Finals
NCHA 50 Am Friday
NCHA NP Friday
NCHA Open Friday
Futurity Amateur Finals
Derby NP 2nd Go
Futurity NP 1st Go
5-6 NP 1st Go
Futurity Open Finals
Derby NP 1st Go
5-6 Open Finals
5-6 Open Gelding Finals
Derby Open Final
Derby Open Geldings Final
5-6 Open 2nd Go
Derby Open 2nd Go
5-6 Open 1st Go
Mercuria NP
Mercuria Open
Futurity Open 1st Go
Derby Open 1st Go
Mercuria Open 1st Go
Mercuria NP 1st Go

Henry's Lake Cutting & LAE
Henry's Lake, ID
August 21-24

Friday Results
Thursday Results


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To all of you who have helped make the Henry’s Lake Cow Cutting possible:

We will be holding a Tri-Tip Steak dinner on Friday, August 22, 2014 at the ranch to celebrate the life of Dennis Moedl, who passed in September of 2013. The Moedl family would be honored if all of you, who have become a part of our family, could attend.

Dinner will be provided by Milliron L Catering at a cost of $18 per person.
All profits will go towards incentive money for the Youth Competition during this year’s cutting, and the Montana Youth Scholarship Fund, in Dennis’s name.

Please RSVP to C.J. Moedl by August 18th so we can give the caterer a head count.
Call or text C.J. at (801) 910-7702 or email:

****Amazing food will be served by Milliron L Catering for the Henry’s Lake show from Wednesday night through Sunday!


August 9 - Angela Bauer Youth Scholarship Cutting
August 9 & 10 Big Sky Weekend Cutting
August 11-16 Big Sky Futurity & Aged Event

Please note schedule change! Click here to view revised schedule for finals and set sizes.

Results: Draws:
Results 5/6 NP Finals
Results Derby NP Finals
Results Pro Am Finals
Results Futurity Open Finals
Results Derby Open Finals
Results Futurity NP Finals
Results Derby NP 2nd go
Results 5/6 NP 2nd go
Results Bridleless
Results Pro Am 2nd go
Results 5/6 NP 1st go
Results Derby NP 1st go
Results Futurity NP 1st go
Results Pro Am 1st go
Results 5/6 Open Finals
Results Futurity Open 2nd go
Results Derby Open 2nd Go
Results 5/6 Open 2nd Go
Results Derby Open 1st Go
Results Futurity Open 1st Go
Draw Derby NP Finals
Draw 5/6 NP Finals
Draw Pro Am Finals
Draw Futurity Open Finals
Draw Derby Open Finals
Draw 5/6 NP 2nd go
Draw Pro Am 2nd go
Draw Futurity NP 2nd Go/Pencil Finals
Draw Derby NP 2nd Go
Draw Bridleless
Draw Pro Am 1st Go
Draw 5/6 NP 1st go
Draw Derby NP 1st Go
Draw Open 5/6 Finals
Draw Derby Open 2nd Go
Draw Futurity Open 2nd Go

Sponsored by One Time Pepto, Jeffrey and Sheri Matthews, the "Finals Draw Party" on Thursday evening at the Big Sky Aged Event in Kalispell was well attended. Finalists drew their positions for both the three year old open futurity finals as well as the four year old open derby finals, both to be held Saturday, August 16. Again, thank you to Jimmy and Terrye Kemp for cooking and serving the evening meal of brauts and salads. Again, nearly 100 people were served at the event.


How about it? Wednesday night’s tri tip dinner and team roping at this year’s Big Sky Aged Event in Kalispell drew a big crowd of cutters and fans and offered a fun time for all. Thank you to Switchback Cutting Horses, Will Nuttall, and Jimmy and Terrye Kemp for the dinner and roping. Jimmy and Terrye cooked 55 lbs of tips and served a total of 94 people at the evening’s event. A nice get together and opportunity to visit, catch up with friends, and meet new ones, too.

Remember that Kalispell is a resort town, so please reserve your rooms early.

America's Best Value
1550 US Hwy 93 N
Kalispell, MT 59901
$103.50 single/$117 doublee
350 N. Main St
Kalispell, MT 59901
$124/$134 if reserved by 7/21

GuestHouse Kalispell Inn (Outlaw Inn)
1701 US Hwy 93 S.
Kalispell, MT 59901
$130 if reserved by 7/28

Aero Inn
183 US Hwy 93 S
Kalispell, MT 59901
$84.60 single/$92.70 double

Angela Bauer Youth Scholarship Fund

The Angela Bauer Youth Scholarship fund was established in 2004 in memory of 29 year old Angela Bauer of Florence, MT. Angela was killed September 28, 2004 in a head-on collision by a drunk driver. Angela was an avid competitor and held many offices in the Montana
Cutting Horse Association, in addition to being a show secretary at many of the cuttings.

At several shows each year, an Angela Bauer Youth Scholarship Cutting is held, allowing MCHA youth a chance to compete for a scholarship. The Angela Bauer Youth Scholarship fund also awards a yearly $2000 scholarship to a graduating Senior. Through this Memorial Fund, $23,300 in scholarships have been awarded out to 16 MCHA youth cutters.

Donations to the Angela Bauer Youth Scholarship Fund can be made to:
The Angela Bauer Youth Scholarship Fund
c/o Kathy Foote
252 Convict Grade Rd
Livingston, MT 59047

All donations to this outstanding youth scholarship program go to promoting and assisting our youth in being able to fulfill that dream of continuing on to further their education. Any donations would be sincerely appreciated.

Pictured left to right: Will Nuttall (co-chair), Brianna Ash, Abigail Brogger, Taytin Young,
JoLynn Reyling, McCoy Banner, and Kathy Foote (co-chair)

Wow, Wow, Wow  We had some great Youth cutting action this NCHA Days-five Montana cutters, boys/girls, Jr/Sr, old pro's and 1st timers - we had it all and most importantly; we awarded out $1300 in scholarship $$!! I'll say it again, Wow & Congratulations!!

Sr. Youth Angela Bauer Youth Scholarship Winners:
1st JoLynn Reyling $200
2nd Abigail Brogger $150
3rd Brianna Ash $100

Jr. Youth Angela Bauer Youth Scholarship Winners:
1st Taytin Young $200
2nd McCoy Banner $150

Sr. NCHA $250 Youth Scholarship Winner:
JoLynn Reyling

Jr. NCHA $250 Youth Scholarship Winner:
Taytin Young

Photos can be found on our photogallery page.


Results Thursday 5/6 Open
LAE Results Thursday
Results Friday 5/6 Non Pro
LAE Results Friday
Results Saturday
Results Sunday
Full Results - All Days
Circuit Award Winners

MCHA Member Spotlight

Jim Bower
“It all started with a pony named Duke that drug me through a barbwire fence”, Jim Bower stated. “Then, the next day my Dad sold him. I was 13. That was the end of my career with horses - until I was 45”, he continued.

“I saw Dan Lufkin’s photo on the front page of USA Today 25 years ago. I was playing basketball and Tae kwon do, getting beat up physically, and wanted a sport to compete in competitively in my 40’s. I thought cutting looked relatively ‘easy’, so I called Dan Lufkin’s office in New York. They transferred me to one secretary, then to the next secretary and then Dan answered,” a somewhat surprised Jim reflected.

Jim continued “I had never met Dan, he was a big-time brokerage firm and I introduced myself as a small brokerage firm. I was minute to Lufkin Jenrette, but he took my call. He put me in touch with Lindy Burch”.

“Now, I had never ridden a performance horse much less a cutting horse, and just imagine me – cutting with Lindy, on her terms!” Jim exclaimed.


Event Photo Galleries

Be sure to check out our photo galleries! Click here to view.

2014 Gold Sponsors

2014 Silver Sponsors

Montana Ranch of Bigfork LLC
Sandra & David Sabey
Chipotle Cat owned by
Switchback Cutting Horses, LLC
Nelson Ranch
Floyd & Theresa Nelson
$50,000 Amateur
Weeding Ranch Inc.
Donald & Betty Lou Weeding
$15,000 Amateur

Lil Catbaloo/Broken Jaw Ranch
Gene & Michelle Morris
$5,000 Novice Horse Non Pro

Bev Hall
Billings, MT
$5,000 Novice Horse

Billings Livstock Horse Sales
$2,000 Limited Rider

High Brow Tuesday
Helen Larsen
$15,000 Novice Horse

Big Sky Internet Design
Tom & Carrie Bruch
$800 Rider
Weeding Ranch Inc.
Donald & Betty Lou Weeding
$15,000 Amateur
Big Sky Futurity & Aged Event
Will Nuttall
Derby - Open
Peppys Smooth Cat
Owned by Allen Munger
Derby - Non Pro
Eli Auger
Kalispell, MT
Junior Youth

2014 Bronze Sponsors

Flawless Skin Care, LLC
Bambi Gress
Never Sweat Ranch
Cody Lee
$15,000 Novice Horse/Non-Pro
Rimrock Equine LLC
Rachel Showalter

Dynamite Goes Kaboom
owned by Bart & Kelly Heiken
Senior Youth

2014 Youth Sponsors

Jonathan & Kathy Foote
Livingston, MT



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